Ankündigung für Battlefield 2: Patch 1.5 !
Datum: Mittwoch, 09.Juli. @ 11:40:39 CEST
Thema: battlefield3

Battlefield 2 hat 3. Geburtstag - Und Dice macht das Geburtstagsgeschenk ! Da kann man nur zitieren; DICE Live team:

"With over 15 million player accounts being created since release, Battlefield 2 is still going strong. On the forums we often see discussions about whether there will ever be another update for the game. Well, today we are happy to announce that we are working on an update for Battlefield 2. We are planning to provide an open beta in the near future and we hope you’ll give us your feedback before final release; so watch out for that.

Keep an eye on for information on what we are working on, release dates and don’t forget to visit our forums.

In the mean time Battlefield Bad Company is released worldwide this week and we expect it will keep you occupied while we work on the update. -End of Transmission-"

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